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Very nice sandpaper grit: These nail files and buffers set can be used for shaping, grinding, smoothing, polishing, which include EDGE Files,FLEX Files,SHINER File.The different grades of roughness makes it a great set for all nail work. Including removal of acrylic and gel, which means no drills!!!

Easy for Beginner: That the box goes into further detail of the labels so that you know each ones purpose. so easy while you’re learning to know what files to use.

Salon Level:The nail files set is very sturdy and durable,which are made of high quality Emery. Last well

Travel friendly pack: Nice to keep handy in your purse in case you have hang nails and they start grabbing your clothes.

Warm tips:

Do not rub back and forth, one-way polish

If you apply gel polish and there’s some bubble, use 100/180 with less force, or 200/280 with more force. It’ll buff and smooth out any bubble before applying another coat of color/top coat.

Teenitor Nail Files Guides:

Each nail file has a different color code on their side indicated different grits.

The lower the number is the rougher the file.

so easy while you’re learning to know what files to use.

EDGE Silver 150 Cushioned Board- Delivers straight, clean sidewalls, coarse and rough gravel, polished fast, suitable for long fingernails fast grinding short

EDGE Silver 180 Cushioned Board- Contours, shapes and refines scratches, moderate grinding speed

EDGE White 240 Cushioned Board- Gentle for natural nails and wrap services: no black residue. Fine gravel, polished slightly slower, more delicate

FLEX Green/White1000/4000 Shine- Buffs enhancements to a brilliant glass-like shine

FLEX Silver 100/180 Buffer- Gravel is medium rough, suitable for deep groove nail surface. Reduces scratches and prepares enhancements for lacquer: resin & gel top coats

FLEX Silver/Moss 220/280 Buffer- Gravel is relatively fine, suitable for light groove nails surface. Removes imperfections and prepares enhancements for high-shine buffers.

Four shapes to choose- Rhombus, Half Moon, Straight, Rectangle

Manicure for real nail

File- edge 150 and 180 are most for natural nails to shape and edge 240 is fine to weak nails

Smooth-Even ridges out by Flex 100/180 and Smooth surface by Flex 220/280

Shine-Glossy finish by Shiner 1000/4000

Work to remove gel

To remove the gel and file shorter, used the Edge 150. Once most of it was scrapped then used the Flex 100/180 to remove the leftover color and finally polished with the Shiner 1000/4000.

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